Your Privacy

This privacy policy describes how this website ( protects your privacy, and spells out what information we collect, how we collect it and what we do with it.

Our data privacy coordinator

The person responsible for creating and maintaining our privacy policies is Andrew Slater who can be contacted at

Data that we collect

Information that we receive automatically every time that a visitor makes use of our website includes:

  • The IP address that the visitor's Internet services provider has allocated to that person
  • The pages that the visitor selected, and the time that that person stayed on the pages
  • The type of Internet device that the visitor was using
  • The operating system of that Internet device
  • The browser that was used on the Internet device
  • Various software applications that were present on that Internet device.

All of this information is generic and it cannot be used to individually identify a visitor. However under certain circumstances, it may be possible to identify a rough location (i.e. limited to perhaps a town) that the visitor was in at the time.

We may also be able to collect other information if this is given to us voluntarily by the visitor. This would involve this visitor contacting us and providing us with this information.

How we use information that we collect

There are only two purposes that we put this information to. One is to look at the information statistically to determine which pages on our website are popular or unpopular, and this can help us to improve the site. Any information that we are provided with directly by the visitor is used purely to reply to enquiries.

How we do not use information that we collect

We do not use any information that we collect in order to personalise advertisements, or for any other commercial purposes whatsoever apart from using the statistical data that we accumulate in order to improve our website. We do not sell, lease, or transfer in any way any of this data to any other company or person for financial reward.

Security of your personal data

We, and our service providers, have put in place industry standard security systems to keep information safe. We should point out however that sending information over the Internet can have risks, since the Internet is an insecure medium and you should be careful about what you transmit over it. It is possible for other persons to intercept Internet traffic and unless this is encrypted adequately it is possible for them to read it. You should never therefore send any important information over the Internet unless you are completely sure that it is protected by end to end encryption and that you are not on any type of public network. Do bear in mind that Wi-Fi systems, especially public ones, are basically insecure and we cannot guarantee the security of any data that you send over one.

Who we share data with

We do not share any data with any person or company at all. Our website however does contain hyperlinks to other websites which are run by other companies. These companies may ask for information from you in order to provide a product or service that you have requested. These companies have their own data protection policies and you should check them individually to make sure that they are acceptable.

How we may contact you

We are not able to contact any visitor directly unless that visitor has contacted us directly first. We will only do so if it is necessary in order to answer queries and we will not under any circumstances send unwanted commercial offers to anyone who has been in touch with us.

Your rights regarding data that we hold about you

You are entitled to see a copy of any personally identifying information that we hold about you and whilst we are legally entitled to request a fee for this purpose we will not do so unless your request is clearly frivolous or excessive in number. You are also entitled to insist that we correct any false information that we hold about you, or delete it entirely which we will do within 28 days of a request supported by evidence that you are authorised to make such a request.

Our legal obligations

Whilst this is an extremely unlikely scenario we may be legally obliged to provide any information that we hold about any person in the event of criminal investigations. We reserve the right to comply with the laws of the United Kingdom in this respect.

Alterations to this policy

From time to time our privacy policy may alter in order to incorporate changes to our website, or in order to comply with new legislation. Any changes will be advertised on this page before they come into effect.